Representative Newendyke Survives Recount, Will Return In 2013

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After some uncertainty on the outcome of the Maine House District #80 race, a three hour recount today in Augusta made the final decision. The final outcome holds Representative Mel Newendyke as the winner, by four votes.

In the last session, Representative Newendyke sponsored LD 1172, “An Act To Prohibit Enforcement of Federal Laws in Violation of the Constitution of the United States.” The legislation, if passed, would have nullified all unconstitutional federal intrastate commerce laws.

The legislation, as described in “State Representative Newendyke Survives Republican Collapse“, would have worked wonders for the Maine economy, by freeing local commerce from burdensome regulations:

Pursuant to the United States Constitution, Congress is granted a select number of enumerated powers. Everything outside of these enumerated powers, unless specifically prohibited to the states, is thus left to the states. Among these enumerated powers is the regulatory power over commerce involving two or more states. The purposes of this was to prevent conflict among the states which would have a negative impact on the country, something felt first hand under the Articles of Confederation’s weak central government. There was no power over commerce that does not cross state lines however, despite the fact Congress regularly claims such. LD 1172  would have stopped Congress from claiming this power over Maine.

Now it is official that Representative Newendyke will be returning to Augusta in 2013. Although not presently confirmed whether he will be involved with any further nullification legislation, he is still a proven leader for liberty.

Chris is the state chapter coordinator for the Maine Tenth Amendment Center.

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  1. MikeHein says:

    Mel was also a huge supporter of Bruce Poliquin in the US Senate GOP primary race in Maine this year.  He’s firmly in the Tea Party, not the liberty movement, camp.

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