Federal Double Standard Kills Texas TSA Nullification Bill

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All eyes have been on the State of Texas for quite some time now due to House Bill 1937, which would nullify the TSA. Yesterday, two officials from the agency visited with bill sponsor State Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston) and warned him that pushing this agenda could shut down airports across the state. To further up the ante, a letter from U.S. Attorney John E. Murphy was sent to Speaker of the House Joe Straus and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst warning that the TSA would be forced to shut down flights if it could not ensure the safety of passengers.

Oh, and something about contradicting federal laws, too.

The Federal Government cares about safety? This must be a stunning development for a state that is one of the few affected by the ongoing border violence of drug cartels. Should we point out that  the black market that feeds these cartels exists thanks to the unconstitutional Federal Prohibition laws?

Even if we leave the laws alone, the border could still be protected by agents of Border Patrol. Should we point out that agents don’t have much of authority to protect the border however? Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, two former Border Patrol agents, were thrown in prison for shooting an alien who was entering the country illegally while smuggling drugs that were in violation of Federal Prohibition laws. It was good news for drug smugglers everywhere.

But even as we ignore the unconstitutional laws and tie the hands of the men and women who are supposed to be protecting our borders, we could always station troops on the border. The only problem here is, however, that most of them are being sent off in undeclared wars either in ones remaining from the previous Bush Administration or new ones under the current Obama Administration.

The Federal Government is absolutely concerned about the safety of Texans, hence why they imprison men trying to protect them and uphold the law, while they uphold laws that not only violate the Constitution, but also benefit the drug cartels and smugglers.

Something for not only Texans, but Americans everywhere, to consider: At what costs are we willing to uphold unconstitutional laws? How much liberty must be forfeited? How many lives lost?

For more information on the situation in Texas, please check out the great article “Feds Issue Threat: No Fly Zone For Texas?” by Utah Tenth Amendment Center State Coordintor Connor Boyock, with Texas T.A.C. communications director Brian Roberts and T.A.C. founder Michael Boldin.

To keep up with other bills across the country with the aim to nullify the TSA, please visit the Tenth Amendment Center’s Tracking Page for more information.

And remember, that while the Federal Government appears to have the upper hand with this victory against Texas, the people are the numbers and there are fifty legislatures across the country fully capable of being problematic for execution of unconstitutional laws. The REAL ID Act of 2005′s compliance deadline has been extended a few times, including the most recent one a couple months ago extending it into 2013, because of widespread State resistance.

As noted in the article “Feds Issue Threat: No Fly Zone For Texas“:

This much is clear: the federal government should not consider this a victory. As individuals are being unjustly molested on a daily basis, it is increasingly becoming apparent that there exists a strong, emotionally-charged undercurrent of resistance against the TSA and its invasive searches and seizures.

If anything, the withdrawal of Texas’ legislation last night should be seen as the calm before the coming storm of state-based opposition to the TSA.”

The Tenth Amendment Movement has a message for the TSA and the Federal Government: Remember REAL ID? We’re not going away and we won’t back down.

Chris is the state chapter coordinator for the Maine Tenth Amendment Center.

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